Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cleo the goldfish

*ahem*  So after a year and a half, Kiera finished her 'reading lessons book'  AKA Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons .  She probably could have finished a lot faster if her mom had not been such a slacker.  So as a reward for her reading skills we promised her a goldfish.  We went to Petsmart and bought two 29 cent goldfishes.  Steve asked the girl as she was scooping them out for us (in a serious tone)"do you have a manual or anything on how to take care of them?"  she looked at him like he was crazy (because he is).  She went and printed of a sheet of paper on goldfish care.  From this sheet we learn that goldfish can live for 10 years.  That's funny.  Ours lasted 3 days!  Maybe it is because we put him in a huge water-jug instead of a goldfish bowl.  The instructions sheet also said "this pamphlet is not a replacement for proper veterinary care".  Oh, so that is our problem!  Kiera and Lydia love feeding their fishes Cleo and Nemo and hug the tanks.  they handled it ok when fish #1 died this morning.
My favorite was when we were driving home Kiera is yelling at steve "daddy- drive softly!  Fishes don't like to splash!"  And then she says "when we get home lets make little boats to float on top with one for food and one for water".  Later at home she was playing mom to the fish-- "you guys need to be nice!  No fighting!"

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Decision Made

So we've officially decided that we are moving to the the midwest--Macomb Illinois! We were choosing between there an Redding California. The decision was a very tough one. It was weighing lots of things that were important to us versus the thing that was MOST important to us.
Am I nervous? Yes. I'm sad that I'll be so far away from family (and airports).
But, if we could enjoy living in Mesquite NV (and we did), then we will find the joy of living in Macomb. And as someone put it so wisely in sunday school 3 weeks ago "The Lord doesn't really care where you live; he cares about how you live then you get there."

We recently got a puzzle that is a map of the USA so Kiera and Lydia have been learning their states. I asked Kiera if she wanted to live in Illinois or northern California. She said "I don't want either!.....I want to live in Pennsylvania where they make chocolate!"

Lastly, is a great place to compare climates, crime, schools, etc. of different cities side by side.