Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just day to day life

This is Lydia's little nest.  It is under our desk.  She has a stash of stuff she keeps under there.  Toys, blankets, and I found food back there too.  I removed it when I found it and later she came to me and said "mommy! somebody took my snacks!"

If you can't tell, they are playing Pocahontas 

 We frequently make play-dough cookies using cookie cutters.

My girls love playing with the blocks they got for Christmas from Grandpa Groneman.  These are the same one's I played with as a child.  Kiera can build towers taller than she is.  Lots of fun.

We don't really have a yard, but we have plenty of concrete to play with scooters on.  My we recently got Lydia's used for free.  It is spider-man black and missing a handle, but she loves it.  I guess it is only a matter of time until she figures out that Kiera's princess one is better.  Until then, we are having a blast and they are both quite good.

Playing babies.  Always a favorite.  I can't tell you how many times they have given birth to their babies.  

And now, the funny things they do and say:
1.  Kiera was frustrated with some toy she was playing with.  She said "that make me have NUTS!"  I realized she was trying to copy the expression I probably use too much "that drives me nuts!"
2.  Lydia has decided she is a kitty-cat.  Thus, she must give kitty kisses.  Which means I frequently end up kissing her tongue.  Yuck!  No more kitty kisses!
3.  Lydia said today "I want to take off my clothes so everyone can see my button like Jasmine!"  We had our first modesty chat.
4.  Lydia thinks M&M's are called "emmy M's" after her cousin Emmy.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

White Coat and Valentines Day

Valentines Day was fun at our house this year.  I tried to initiate some fun traditions.

Pink Milk and green heart waffles.  A big hit.

Lydia was particularly excited about the new "Tangled" toys I got them.  They are soooo into Tangled right now...  can quote the movie although they've only seen it once.

 Made cookies.  Gave myself a second degree burn doing so.  Not the brightest cookie in the dozen!

Just playing dollies.  Later on Valentines day Steve an I babysat 10 kids while their parents went out.  We tried to make it as party-like as possible.  It was crazy, but now I have enough babysitting co-op tickets to last me forever!  I love our babysitting co-op!

This past friday Steve got his White Coat.  That white coat represents many years of hard work both in dental school and prior to dental school.  I'm so proud of him.  His is just a few months from being a dentist!

Today Kiera asked me:  "when daddy is all done with school and he goes to work, will he still come home at night time an be my daddy?"  I assured her that he would.  I'm so excited for that day!!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Cuteness (and a crank in the neck)

Sorry folks, I'm too lazy to flip my pictures.  But they are darn cute nevertheless!