Saturday, April 24, 2010

Moving sale

The Nelson family is going to be moving shortly. We are relocating so we can save a little $ on rent. We are going from a 4 bed 2 bath house to a 2 bed/1 bath house. For those who are in our area, we are moving 2 houses down from where Ali and Scott used to live. In order to fit into this new place we are having to get rid of a TON of stuff. Some of it is stuff we probably should have got rid of before, and some of it I hate to part with, but it is worth it for the saving in rent. We'll be having a yard sale on saturday. This is the pile in our garage of stuff to sell/get rid of. Also for sale: Sit N' Stand stoller, china hutch, fridge, 2 cribs, 1 toddler bed, end tables, coffee table, patio furniture, outdoor plastic chairs, piano.....

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I think the last "diet" I was on was back in 9th grade or so. It was about that time that I discoverd that if I just exercised regularly (running) I could pretty much eat what I wanted. The great part is that when I exercise I don't even really crave much junk food.

With my new recent schedule I've chosen to almost eliminate exercise from my life (which is SOOO not me, but it has fallen down the priority list). That fact, and the fact that I'm working late nights and eating late trying to stay awake is making me gain weight. I'm discovering that you can't eat like a runner when you are not a runner! who would have known!?

So, out of necessity I'm going on my first "diet" in years. I don't know how we'll I'll do with it, but I'll try...

ps I love blogging while at work!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Roatan, Honduras Mission Trip

for those that have 5 minutes to see the Honduras Mission trip, here it goes:

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Late Easter

Anyone who has never had the joy of rolling Easter eggs down a large hill at Easter time is missing out. I grew up doing it every year and it was very much looked forward to. All sorts of fun can be had on a hill and both young and old can be involved. We'd have races to see who could roll their egg the furthest without it breaking. Then we'd roll ourselves down the hill, or have races to see who could run down the fastest (which can be difficult since you may fall if going too fast). We had our First Annual Nelson Easter-Egg Roll yesterday and it was a huge success.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Reading at age 3

My sister Christa recommended this book to me. She used it to teach her son to read at age 3. I was worried it would be complicated, difficult to teach (and to learn) and that Kiera would hate it. Not so. Kiera is 3 and 5 months and she is reading stories such as "a little man sat in the sand. That man is sad. Will the sun go down?" We are only half way through the book. We have a 7-10 minute "reading lesson" almost every day since the book recommends keeping the lessons brief and fun at this age. It has been easy all of the way along. There are no difficult steps at all. Oh, and you can start a child doing it who doesn't even know their letter sounds. (The book only introduces 1 letter at a time-- we are currently only using about half of the letters in our lessons). As a reward after our lesson each day we have "Happy Kiera special time" and I give her my full 100% focused attention on any game she wants to play. Anyway, I recommend the book.