Sunday, May 31, 2009

A great tradition

Steve's family has a fun tradition of getting all the women of the family together every year for our "NOW" (Nelson Organization for Women) convention. Have you ever noticed how whenever you get together with extended family that the women are too busy chasing kids and preparing food to be able to socialize much? This tradition is the solution to the problem. We have a great weekend of fun together without kids-- shopping, facials, theater, and good-ol' sitting around chatting.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Practice Camping"

I grew up camping quite a bit. We were wilderness campers (not campground campers). Since getting married I've done very little camping since Steve doesn't have camping blood, and since having children we've done ZERO camping. Well folks, that is about to change-- we did a very successful test run of sleeping in a tent outside at 55 degrees. All went well. I'm excited to go camping when Dental school boards are over!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A clean house VS. loved and educated children

I doubt that when I near the end of this life I will look back and think, "I wish my house would have been cleaner". I do however think that there is a good chance that I will wish I spent more time with my children. I believe that is far more important to spend quality time with my children than it is to have a clutter-free house and the kitchen always spotless. While visiting my sister Christa and her family in Albuquerque, this was reienforced by watching her and her children. Below is a picture of Benjamin my 5-year old nephew (playing dress-ups with Kiera).

Benjamin will start kindergarten this fall but is already reading on a 2nd grade level. He can do math (including division), he plays the violin, he has a developing testimony from his mom reading to him directly from the scriptures every night, and he is a very happy child. Christa obviously makes quality individual time for him every day (as she does with her 2 younger boys). Her house isn't clutter-free, nor are the dishes always done immideately after the meal (although I'm sure she would love it if it was spotless like in the pre-children days) but these few short years of having young children will pass and someday she will once again have a clean(er) house. But her boys will be smart, confident, and feel loved because of the great beginning that she gave them.
I must insist on having a sanitary house (clean bathrooms, mopped floors, etc.) for health reasons, but if you drop in on us in the near future, expect to be tripping over toys and find dirty dishes in the sink.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fun in "Alba-turkey"

I've been slackin' on my bloggin' lately since I've been hangin' in "Alba-turkey" (as Kiera would say) with my sister Christa and her kids. Kiera, Lydia and I have been here for just over a week now. We left Steve back at home to give him some space so he can focus on studying for boards (which are just over a month away). Coming here was a wise decision on our part. Steve has had lots of study time, and we have had a great time here. I'm convinced that I would like to live next to family who have kids similar to our kids ages. It is just fun and it makes life easier too.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Look at me I'm cavity free

Today was my first time ever being Steve's dental patient. All he did today was take x-rays and do impressions of my teeth but it was still kindof weird to have him scrutinizing the mouth that he kisses.
I'm happy to report that I'm cavity free though so he won't get the chance to drill holes in me yet. I think it is totally amazing that I'm cavity free since I haven't had a cleaning in 6 years and I didn't brush my teeth for 6 months straight (literally) during my first pregnancy.
So anyway, I believe I was Steve's 3rd patient at the dental school clinic. Oh, here is a little story. Steve and his classmates are all assigned a patient so they walk out to the waiting room and call their patient's name to bring them into the clinic. Well, Steve's first patient was a little old lady. When he called her back she said "Oh, I'm so glad you are handsome!". She's right-- he is quite a hottie-- espeicially in scrubs.