Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hurry up and wait

We now officially have a home. Trouble is, it's not ready yet. There are lots of changes being made and problems being fixed before we can move in but we've been promised we can move in by next monday.
Me and the girls game out to be with Steve. If he has to pay for a hotel room anyway we might as well be together.
Kiera and especially Lydia have been very insecure about all of this. Lydia frequently says "I want to go to Lydia's room!". When we went camping while in Utah we walked into my parents' trailer and she said "This is Illinois!!" We pulled up infront of a museum today and she said "is THIS our new house?" She is terribly confused about what is happening and is very clingy. She has also been sucking her thumb a bit and asking for sippy cups (which we were done with 6 months ago). Kiera displays her frustration by screaming.
But it is not all doom and gloom around here. Since we had to be in a hotel anyway, we decided to go somewhere fun. So we've been in St. Louis for the past 5 days. We've been to the Zoo, children's museum, boating, and swimming almost every day.
But we can't wait to get into our house!!!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Just a little update on our new adventure in life. Steve Starts working as a dentist in Illinois next week. We've had housing lined up there for about 3 months. We had found a house (with much difficulty) and we were set to move in this week. We had utilities set up in our name (with deposits), plane tickets for me and the girls to go out after Steve and his brother Kyle had unpacked a bit for us. We had bought and sold furniture/appliances according to our needs in that house, etc.. But the day before our moving truck came our future landlord called and informed us that after she had moved to her new location, she discovered that the internet was too slow. So she was no longer willing to rent the house to us because she wanted to move back in.
This would not be a huge problem somewhere else (just the $1000+ lost money of various sources). But in middle-of-nowhere Illinois it is a big problem to try to find decent housing. We've been working on it for a week from a distance with no success. Our stuff arrives there on the 13th and steve is leaving tomorrow to seek housing for us (so much for Moab plans). It is very possible that he won't find anything available for a while in which case we girls will stay here in Utah until he does. Far from ideal, but we'll manage. A bump in the road on the road of life.