Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas and Steve's birthday

First of all, happy birthday to Steve who turned 30 on Christmas eve. Yes, my poor husband has to endure a birthday on the 24th of december. He is a great sport about it though (much more so than I would be). Not only that, he spent his birthday this year caring for our barfing Kiera (who had the stomach flu) and then got the stomach flu later on that night himself.

Christmas this year was spent with the majority of my family in Albuquerque New mexico at my sister Christa's house. It was an interesting Christmas as we had 4 different state's germs converging in one location. 3 different colds and the stomach flu converged in one household to make for an intersting Christmas. I've surrendered to the fact that any time we travel to visit family we are going to get sick, but I didn't expect to get THAT sick. Then, on the 26th we traveled back to California to spend time with Steve's family. Not only did almost everyone in his family have a cold, but my poor little nephew was diagnosed with RSV. We are still crossing our fingers that we don't get that one (for Lyida's sake).

Dispite illness we had a good Christmas. Kiera was more excited about the Christmas lights on the house across the street then she was about opening presents. Her favorite new toy I'd say was her shopping cart. Lydia got milk for Christmas.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rain rain go away....

Little Kiera wants to play (and mommy wants to be able to run outside), rain rain go away.
(well at least it isn't snow).

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I cried the day that I take the bassinet down

I don't like my babies growing up. Nope, not one darn bit at all. I took Lydias bassinet down today since she is outgrowing it. Babies grow too fast!!!

Monday, December 08, 2008

3.5 months later--

3.5 months later
35 lbs less of me
4 lbs more of Lyida
a lot of hard work in between.

fun and funny pictures

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Driving around lately I've seen a lot of homeless people with signs asking for help. I am always hesitant to give money to these people because I don't want to support drug habbits. I have seen a homeless person throw an apple that someone gave to him (obviously he wasn't interested in money for food). I do know however that there are homeless who truely need help and so I should respond to their requests in the chance that they do truely need it. The question I pose for you all though is: how? I won't give them $ because I don't want them to buy beer, I would give them a resturant gift card (like subway-- I could just keep gift cards in my car) but they don't have cars so they might not be able to get there if it is far away. So what about having little "homeless people kits" in my car with food-- but it would have to be food that will keep a log time and yet include all food groups(crackers, raisins, canned tuna?). None of these ideas seem very good I"m asking for any suggestions.


Kiera is into princesses lately. We've been watching a lot of princess movies lately. I'm noticing a theme: It seems like all of the princesses want to be something that they are not. So is that the definition of a princess?