Saturday, April 23, 2011

Utah/Illinois trip

We spent 2 1/2 weeks in Utah this month for medical purposes.  It was great to be able to see my family while we were at it : )  

The most significant event was my brother Brett and his wife Katie having their first baby.  Lindy is so sweet.  

I didn't post any pictures of Katie (although she did all of the work) because I don't think if it was me I would want pictures of me post-delivery posted on someone's blog with out first getting my approval on the picture.  

 We had a few days of break from our medical-necessities in Utah so Steve and I took advantage of the free babyisitting and went to Macomb IL to find our future housing.  The options were grim, but just hours before we left to come home on our 3rd day there we found this  place.  We talked the owner into renting instead of selling.  

Then it was back to Utah to hang with the fam some more.  I would like to pay tribute to my parents for not only being wonderful grandparents, but for going extremely out of their way to make their backyard the most grandchild friendly place on the planet.  Even though the weather was cold, we loved being in their backyard

They've got cars (fun for riding down the hill in!)

They put up a new rope swing while we were there

 My day built a 2 story playhouse that has a playhouse on the bottom and a boys dream-fort on the top (complete with electricity, pulley baskets, telescopes, mailboxes, pipes for communicating, a slide, curtains.. complete furnishings...etc..)  Endless fun!

And of course the trampoline.  Lydia is becoming 1 with nature wearing nothing but her "un-nu-nu"

More of the fun swing-- you can hang from it too!
Thanks Gramps and Grandma for being so fun!  It definitely makes us want to come and visit again soon!

First experiences on the new swing.  Note the differences between Kiera and Lydia.  That is their personalities and life in 1 video

Just a cute video of Lydia blowing bubbles in milk.

Dentist in the Making?

Several weeks ago I took Cambrie to my dental lab and had her practice "prepping" teeth for crowns and fillings. I prepped a tooth and then she would practice on the same or an adjacent tooth.

Needless to say, I think she's a great nurse and does extremely well in that profession.