Saturday, March 29, 2008

Steve's spring break is!!!!!

We have been enjoying having Steve around since he has been on spring break (between semesters) all week. Most of our friends are off traveling or doing something cool, but we stayed home and caught up on life. Poor Steve has spent his break doing yard work, taxes, and helping me with my aquiring of food storage. We have managed to have a bit of fun though. Steve and I enjoyed trying to show Kiera how to be excited about putting Easter eggs in a basket, we also took her to Victoria Gardens twice and let her play in the water fountains which she LOVED. And I have been enjoying my recreational-eating. We've gone out to eat a few times. I've enjoyed eating things that I normally wouldn't--- but hey, if they want me to gain weight I can help out right? cream, Cheetos, chocolate, sour straws.....yes I'm rubbing it in for all of you who are on diets. I'll think of you as I put a little extra butter on my homemade rolls today.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I'm starting of small, and I still definately need my feeding tube for now, but I've joined the eating-people-of-the-world club and it's great to be a member again. I must say that nobody enjoyed their lunch today as much as I did-- I went to Soup Plantation (a favorite resturant) and they charged me the child price since I showed them my feeding tube and promised I didn't eat much. It was wonderful. Food tasted a little bland at first, but my sense of taste is returning. I'm just counting my blessings right now.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Blankie Quest: Success!!!

Kiera has a favorite pink silky blanket that we got as a gift when she was born. She has developed quite an attachment to it and can't sleep without it. This of course is a problem when she vomits on it and it takes 45 minutes to get it washed and dried. So, I've been looking for a back up blankie to buy but have had a really hard time finding the same exact one. I took Kiera to Babies R Us yesterday and found one that was similar (but definitely different) and decided to gamble and buy it. When we got out to the car I unwrapped it from it's tags and ribbons and gave it to her. Success!!!! She loves it! Now I'm just worried that one of these days she'll discover that there are 2 and will need BOTH to make her happy.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tummy trouble

On Friday I was scheduled to have my feeding tube changed. Prior to the procedure the nurse was questioning me about my demographics and health history (which she was writing down in the chart). Twice I casually mentioned the fact that I'm pregnant and she didn't seem to pay attention or care so I mentioned it a 3rd time. "You're pregnant?!! Oh my gosh-- good thing you told me!" and she wrote it in all caps on the front of the chart. I had 4 1/2 hours to wait for my procedure (since they were running a "little" behind. In that time I decided to write the fact that I have a baby in my abdomen. Hey, they make people who are having their knees operated on write "yes" on the correct knee to remind the doctor, so why not? Better safe than sorry-- especially knowing that that nurse was going to be the one overseeing me while I was unconscious.

Husband of the year award: Steven Nelson

Steve has finals next week. He told me on friday "It's important that I study a lot this weekend". Well, not only did he spend his entire day with me at the hospital friday for my little operation, but he took be back to the hospital at 3am on saturday, picked me up at 5:30 am, took me back and stayed with me from 10-11am and then back again from 12pm to 5pm. He spent the entire day attending to my medical needs and arranging care for Kiera (or caring for her himself). He got very little studying done. I'm praying that the Lord will see fit to bless him for being such a wonderful husband and father.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kiera update

Tired of hearing about my latest health status? Well, you're in luck. In this blog entry I will spare you. I'm beginning to feel like one of those geriatric people who can't talk about anything but their health.

I've been worried about Kiera getting behind in her language development lately. Especially while being passed from sitter to sitter while I was in the hospital, and then me not being able to talk to her much when I did get home due to my saliva issues. But she is finally popping out a few small words (maybe 10 or so). Her favorite word is still da-da as her daddy is her favorite person. She get's so excited when daddy comes home and immediately asks "ball?" because she wants to go outside and play basketball with him. We are both excited for finals to be over in a week and a half so we can have more time to play with daddy.

Friday, March 07, 2008

My list of things I'm grateful for.

1. The fact that I have health insurance (I did NOT have it when we got pregnant, we signed up for it the day we found out we were pregnant which was 2 days before the deadline).
2. The wonderful doctors at Loma Linda who were willing to try something that they'd never done before on a pregnant woman (a feeding tube).
3. My feeding tube! It is literally my life-saver!
4. My supportive husband who is SOOOOO sweet to me despite the fact that I smell like puke, don't cook, and am not very attractive lately.
5. My cute little Kiera who is a constant reminder of what I'm working towards.
6. The wonderful support that I have from family and friends. I'm AMAZED at what people are willing to do for me. People keep giving and giving and I keep on taking and taking. Thank you so much everyone. Give me a few months and I'll be able to start on making it up to everyone

Monday, March 03, 2008


A while ago I signed up to get emails from "pregnancy weekly" just as a way of keeping track of my baby's develpment. (it's fun to know when the baby has fingernails and eyelashes and when they can suck their thumb). Well I got the most obnoxious email from them yesterday.

Hi cambrie,welcome to your second trimester! This is a time to celebrate! the next 11 weeks should be easier than these last few months. Your body has adjusted to full baby-growing mode so many of the unpleasant symptoms will subside and, while you are beginning to look pregnant, you are not too big to be uncomfortable yet. cambrie, hopefully your morning sickness and fatigue have passed and you are feeling healthy and energetic. People may begin telling you that you look great and have that "pregnancy glow." ....

Pregnancy glow????!!!!!!! I could vent for 2 or 3 paragraphs, but I'm sure you all can guess what I'd say so I'll refrain. These emails better cease being obnoxious or I"m going to unsubscribe pronto. I hope all those fluffy pregnant women out there enjoy their glow......forgive me while I go puke.