Friday, May 27, 2011

Steve's important and MORE important awards

Today I attended an awards ceremony for Steve's dental school class.  There were quite a few awards given out for all sorts of different achievements (academics, skills, service, etc.).  Steve got an award from the California Maxiofacial Surgery something-or-other which included $250 which is always good.  Basically, that translates to the fact that he is great at pulling teeth. 
But as I sat through the long and boring ceremony and listened to the awards for hundreds of hours of this or that or perfect GPAs  I thought to myself that Steve did something far greater with his time than all of his classmates:  He was present as a husband and father in our home.  He didn't spend every waking hour studying or trying to make a more impressive resume.  He ate dinner with us every night, was there for bedtime prayers, stories, and singing.  He doesn't get something to hang on his wall, $, cheering from classmates, or to shake hands with someone important for this; but I want to recognize him now for it.
Steve,  we three Nelson girls appreciate the fact that you've been part of our lives for the past 4 years of dental school.  Thanks for prioritizing us over excelling to the max.  You are still an absolutely WONDERFUL dentist.  This is your Husband/Daddy  dentist of the year award.

Some of our final weeks.

Steve has had no class for the past 2 weeks of school (since he finished his clinic work early).  So we've been trying to intermingle fun with packing. We went to see some gardens.  My girls LOVE flowers.

 Toilet paper projects of what my girls want to be when they grow up:  a dentist and a nurse.  (note boxes in the background)

Just cute girls.

At 1 of like 7 graduation meals we've attended thus far.  

On the day we took family pictures.  Good thing it comes off.

Going to Steve's school to say goodbye to everyone.

The beach!  Kiera loved the water so much.  She danced in and sang to the waves for a full 40 minutes.  She is now the princess of the sea.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Toddler Love

Meet Caius-- Lydia's one true love.  Lydia talks about him all of the time and how they are going to get married (in the temple with a white dress) and live happily ever after.  Of course, this is all more real and wonderful when she is not actually with the boy.  Her face in the first 2 picture is usually her first reaction to seeing him. She follows him around and gets right in his face grinning like that.  But if you look carefully in photo 1 you'll see that he is pushing her away.  Next comes her crying and tattle-telling on him.  She likes him much more from a distance.  

Ok, this kiss was prompted.  But it is still cute.
Who knows, maybe it will work out in 18 years...

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Dental Experiences

Today Steve had the biggest test of his life:  passing the dental test of his wife under the drill.    I was nervous, but Steve actually did a good job drilling my superficial cavity.  No pain.  Oh, and I have to say that he did a FABULOUS job at cleaning my teeth.  No, seriously-- I've never come away from a dental chair with noticeably different looking teeth.  He is awesome.

Trying not to be nervous about him drilling holes in my face.

Lovely view I know.  Steve's perspective.

My perspective

My sister-in-law Erika who is finishing dental hygeine school this month came by to say hi.  She's all smiles in the picture but just minutes there after she also fell victim to Steve's drill after a spontaneous decision to take out her wisdom teeth since Steve's next patient didn't show up.  Now THAT is bravery!

Steve had to go back to the school to pick something up so he took the girls with him.  Lydia always has to take her backpack to school.

Exploring Steve's chair

This is a count-down chain K&L made of how many more days until dental school graduation.  Almost there!!!
up and down and up and down...

Sunday, May 01, 2011

"Tinkle Concert"

One of my favorite things about Lydia is that when she decides that it is time to go potty she drops her pants where ever she is at and waddles penguin-style to the bathroom.  I laugh every time.
Yesterday Lydia came into the bathroom while I was in there
"Mommy I need to tinkle!"
 "ok Lydia go for it"
"mommy, you sit down right there [on the side of the bathtub]and watch the concert.  This is a tinkle concert.  You are the audience.   Mommy when I all done, you clap ok?"
(laughing) "ok Lydia".............
"Ta- dah!!!!" 
clapping  "good job Lydia.  What a wonderful concert!"

Wow I'm lucky.