Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas and Steve's birthday

First of all, happy birthday to Steve who turned 30 on Christmas eve. Yes, my poor husband has to endure a birthday on the 24th of december. He is a great sport about it though (much more so than I would be). Not only that, he spent his birthday this year caring for our barfing Kiera (who had the stomach flu) and then got the stomach flu later on that night himself.

Christmas this year was spent with the majority of my family in Albuquerque New mexico at my sister Christa's house. It was an interesting Christmas as we had 4 different state's germs converging in one location. 3 different colds and the stomach flu converged in one household to make for an intersting Christmas. I've surrendered to the fact that any time we travel to visit family we are going to get sick, but I didn't expect to get THAT sick. Then, on the 26th we traveled back to California to spend time with Steve's family. Not only did almost everyone in his family have a cold, but my poor little nephew was diagnosed with RSV. We are still crossing our fingers that we don't get that one (for Lyida's sake).

Dispite illness we had a good Christmas. Kiera was more excited about the Christmas lights on the house across the street then she was about opening presents. Her favorite new toy I'd say was her shopping cart. Lydia got milk for Christmas.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rain rain go away....

Little Kiera wants to play (and mommy wants to be able to run outside), rain rain go away.
(well at least it isn't snow).

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I cried the day that I take the bassinet down

I don't like my babies growing up. Nope, not one darn bit at all. I took Lydias bassinet down today since she is outgrowing it. Babies grow too fast!!!

Monday, December 08, 2008

3.5 months later--

3.5 months later
35 lbs less of me
4 lbs more of Lyida
a lot of hard work in between.

fun and funny pictures

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Driving around lately I've seen a lot of homeless people with signs asking for help. I am always hesitant to give money to these people because I don't want to support drug habbits. I have seen a homeless person throw an apple that someone gave to him (obviously he wasn't interested in money for food). I do know however that there are homeless who truely need help and so I should respond to their requests in the chance that they do truely need it. The question I pose for you all though is: how? I won't give them $ because I don't want them to buy beer, I would give them a resturant gift card (like subway-- I could just keep gift cards in my car) but they don't have cars so they might not be able to get there if it is far away. So what about having little "homeless people kits" in my car with food-- but it would have to be food that will keep a log time and yet include all food groups(crackers, raisins, canned tuna?). None of these ideas seem very good I"m asking for any suggestions.


Kiera is into princesses lately. We've been watching a lot of princess movies lately. I'm noticing a theme: It seems like all of the princesses want to be something that they are not. So is that the definition of a princess?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

We went to Arizona for Thanksgiving (2 of Steve's siblings live in arizona). We all ate too much of course but had a great time doing it.

We put up our Christmas tree and decorations today which is one of my favorite things to do. We also put christmas lights on our house. It is the first time we have ever done it. we are the only people on our street who have lights.

Steve took Kiera for a walk today and she found a puddle to play in. You can only do that in november in california!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Kiera celebrated her second birthday on saturday. She had the pleasure of sharing her special day with the BYU/Utah football game (which didn't turn out so well). I made Kiera an Elmo birthday cake. It was my first cake decorating experience and I think it went well since she recognized it as elmo at least. Kiera was of course afraid of the candles and nobody ate any of the cake (who likes birthday cake anyway? yuck!)

Here is a little about Kiera:
1. Afraid of everything that most kids like: disneyland, beach.
2. Won't eat candy or dessert.
3. Can identify and name #'s 1-9.
4. Can count to 20 all except 12.
5. Can identify all the letters of the alphabet.

It is interesting to me to see the different things that kids can do. Kiera is really good at letters and numbers, but yet I'd say that all of her friends her age can talk much better than she can. She is just starting to put 2 words together.

Anyway, it was fun to finally have a child who has some sort of idea that something special is going on for her birthday.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Q is for Quarantined.....which is what we are right now. We've got the plague at our house: the fever/vomiting/runny nose/cough etc.. Steer clear unless you have a desire for plague in your life.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


7 random facts about me:

1. I'm the only person that I know who has 2 belly buttons. I've had 2 for 5 months now.

2. My dad worked for the CIA while I was growing up....but now that I told you I'll have to kill you.

3. I graduated a year early from highschool and regret it.

4. When I was 18 I spent 3 months volunteering in orphanages with this group. It was an amazing experince.. I honestly think that every 18 year old in the USA should have to spend a few months in a 3rd world country.

5. We don't get TV in our household. And I don't want to ever get TV. Everyone needs some sort of rest/relaxation time--I use blogging as my non-productive time.

6. I'm starting school again online in January. I have 2 more classes to get my BA in nursing. I don't actually plan on ever working again as a nurse (I'll probably work in my husband's dental office), but I figure it wise to get my degree just in case.

7. I think I'm a bit of a germ-freak. I'm not as bad as some people I know, but I'm definately worse than most. I hate my kids being sick!

If you have the desire to be tagged, then pretend like I tagged you and go ahead and list 7 random things about yourself on your blog.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Done with prop 8 and we won....until next time.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My talented friend

This past weekend my friend Laura and her mom came to visit. Laura was a good friend of mine from my high school days and is ridiculously talented in the arts. She came down from Utah to audition for the reality show "Project Runway" (not to be confused with America's top Model which I think is trash). She is an amazing clothing designer and I'm proud to call her my friend.

Side story: for those of you who are familiar with the long drive from Utah to Southern California, you will appreciate this. Laura and her mom came to California using a GPS. I called them about 2 hours after they were supposed to arrive at my house and asked them where they were. "um... we are on a road called Rim Of The to Running Springs....Big Bear...." Their GPS had them get of I-15 in Victorville and go through the mountains! And this happened to be on a stormy foggy night. Never trust a GPS!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Big girl bed

Kiera has been in her new "big girl bed" for about a week and a half now. We had the idea to let her try it out while we were assembling the second crib in her room which Lydia will be moving into shortly. Kiera has always been a great sleeper (unless she is afraid of a new place) so we thought we would try it out. I was curious to see what she would do so the first night I actually hid in her room to watch her. Daddy came in and laid Kiera down in the bed. She didn't move a bit except to admire her red tonails: "wow!" and then roll over and go to sleep. She has fallen off the bed once, and once I found her asleep on the floor right in front of her door, but that's it. Easy transition. I just hope that she'll be ok with the transition of moving Lyida into her room.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Yesterday we took our girls to Disneyland. It was the 2nd time Kiera has gone (the first was when she was one month old though). Many of of friends who have toddlers Kiera's age have season passes and say that their toddlers love Disneyland and we were even considering getting season passes. However, after Kiera's reaction yesterday, we have changed our minds. Kiera was afraid of all of the rides. The ONLY one she enjoyed and didn't cry on was the Jungle Cruise. Our picky princess was happy as long as she was not on a ride though! Ok, we'll try again in a year or so and manybe we'll consider getting season passes then!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Learning the hard way

Ever since Lydia was born I've been slacking on changing Kiera's diapers. We usually go through 3 outfits a day because her diaper leaks through to her clothes before I get around to changing it.
Kiera and I frequently go for walks down to the corner of our street barefooted. This evening we went for for a barefooted walk and I had Lydia on my chest in my front carrier. When we got down the the corner Kiera would not turn around to go home. She insisted we keep going (we've walked around the block a few times before with shoes on). No matter what I did I couldn't get her to turn around (besides carrying her by her arms since I couldn't pick her up), so I decided that I would just let her keep going and we'd walk around the block. Of course, since she was barefooted, she got tierd of walking sooner than she normally does (and of course it had to be when we were half way around). She sat down on the sidewalk and refused to walk anymore and cried when I tried to get her to walk. Just then I noticed that her pants were wet--yep, her diaper had leaked through. I had no other way of getting her home so I had to put her on my shoulders. So I carried Lydia on my chest and Kiera and her wet bottom on my shoulders home and had a wet shirt by the time we got back. Yes, I've learned.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lydia's Baby Blessing

Lydia was blessed today at church. Thankfully, she was asleep during the blessing (

I was sure she'd be wailing as she seems to do that a lot lately). She was beautiful in her little dress (made by her Grandma), but she hated wearing it... probably itchy. The power went off at church about 10 minutes after the blessing so we all went home early which was kindof nice since we had family visiting.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Off and running (sortof)...

I ran 3/4 of a mile this morning and man was it tough! The last steps that I ran before today were the last steps of my half marathon last November. I finally got medical clearance this week to start exercising again so I'm officially training for my next half marathon. It's going to be a long road though-- I thought I was going to pass out after a 3/4 mile! I was pushing Kiera in the jogging stroller and when we started she kept looking back at me like "mom I didn't know you could run!" On the uphill parts I probably could have walked faster than I was running. So-- I'm offically training for another half marathon. Any of you local folks who would like to train/run with me -- I'm in (just give me a month or 3 to catch up to your level!)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Got Milk?

Got Milk? We do.... 4 different kinds for the 4 members of our family:

Whole for Kiera
Skim for Steve
Breast milk for Lydia
Soymilk for me.

I cut out dairy products as of 2 weeks ago in an effort to reduce Lydia's fussiness. Now THAT is love : )

Monday, September 29, 2008

After my poll question on what you eat for a snack at night I just have to say that I'm glad that there are other cereal-eaters out there. I love to eat it at night but Steve always eats chip and salsa. Cereal is healthy (fortified with vitamins and minerals) and tastes great. Gotta love it!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Treasure Hunting

I love treasure hunting. It runs in my blood-- so does my dad and my grandpa. I've gone to boony-land southern Utah many times in search of arrowheads. It is a family tradition to just go camp in the middle of nowhere and look for arrowheads all day long for about a week every year. I love it.

Once I went to a tree-hugger camp and we were planting trees next to the Jordan River in Salt Lake City. As we were digging the holes we were finding really old bottles, china, and artifacts. I've taken my family back there twice to dig up more stuff (the trees are now dead-- go figure). There is a certain thrill that goes through me to find something cool.

I also love hunting for good deals. Yesterday I was 'hunting' ebay and bidding on clothing for my children. I ended up getting tons of great deals like the red shoes above for 50 cents (and $1.00 shipping). I just love hunting for and finding great deals!
Watch out... I'm on the hunt.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Moby Wrap and Snuzzler

My name is Cambrie Nelson, and I approve of these baby products. (I sure wish I would have had them with my first child!)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Cold Turkey

Well folks, this is it. We are getting rid of Kiera's beloved "budgie" (blankie) cold-turkey style. Her attachment to it has become a bit too much. She can now only have it at bedtime. Wish us luck...we need it!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A day (yesterday) in the my life with a toddler

1. Taking her to a petting zoo and having her be more excited about the colors of her fishy crackers than seeing the animals.
2. Cleaning up lotion of the carpet.
3. The elation of having her tinkle in the potty for the first time (probably a fluke).
4. Finding her with an open bottle of BBQ sauce and it all over her and the floor (how did she get that anyway?)
5. Finding my sleeping infant wailing because my toddler reached in her bed and was pulling her hair.
6. Her saying "YO You" (I love you) for the first time to me (sweet!)
7. Finding Kiera pouring a bottle of water over my cell phone.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Every child builds forts at some time. Kiera's daddy just introduced her to the art a bit early in life.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

For the love of Elmo

Why is it that all toddlers love Elmo so much? Kiera loved Elmo without ever having seen him on TV (we had a toy and a book with Seasame Street characters and she singled him out to love). Is it because he is red and furry? My friend said it was just because his name is easy for toddlers to say. Who knows..... but Kiera is infatuated. Yesterday I took Kiera to the 99 cent store and I found an Elmo purse so I showed it to Kiera and put it in the shopping cart. I was looking at something else for a minute and when I turned around I discovered about 15 Elmo purses in our shopping cart and Kiera getting more to put in. Kiera loves Elmo : )

Friday, September 12, 2008

Here comes finals weeks again. Lydia has been helping daddy study.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sunbathing ladies

Lydia has been working on her California sun tan lately and I guess Kiera is getting jelous of her newly bronzed skin because whenever Lydia is sunbathing Kiera has to lay down right next to her baby sister and sunbathe too.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Our family spent the morning walking door to door in our community in behalf of Proposition 8 here in California. I wasn't able to spend very long doing it since Lydia and Kiera were not very cooperative, but I sacrificed my husband for the morning and he kept going after we went home.
Proposition 8 is Pro-family and pro-marriage and I believe that it is very important that it passes. It would make the law define marriage as between a man and a woman. It doesn't take away any of the rights of homosexuals (like hospital visitation rights). I was amazed when I heard of some of the consequences of it not passing. Such things as people being able to sue churches that did not allow same sex marriages, schools that don't provide housing for gay couples no longer being tax-exempt, and our children being taught in schools that marriage is a union of any 2 people.
I think that it is critical to get prop 8 to pass. I encourage all Cali residents to vote yes on 8!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

I went and got Lydia's pictures taken today. It was SOOO much easier than getting Kiera's newborn pictures done. Note to self: never try to get a newborn to be awake and happy for pictures-- they are cute when they are sleeping and it is much easier.