Tuesday, February 24, 2009

shout out to all the women widowed by professional schools

I am a dental school widow. I have many friends who are either dental (or some other professional school) widows too. I have to say that it is TOUGH to raise a family by yourself. They say that it will be worth it in the end... I hope they are right.

Then I think about the fact that there are REAL widows out there with young kids and I realize that I don't have it so bad. At least there is a light at the end of my tunnel. And at least I have a husband (even if my kids and I rarely get to see him).

But here is to all of us who are counting down the years of professional school. 2 years 4 months......

Friday, February 20, 2009

The difference between Utah and California (LDS and general population)

Having lived in both states, I tell it how I see it. Feel free to voice your difference of opinion should you have one (or add to my list)

1. In California it is either black or white: either you are LDS or you are not; In Utah there are all different shades of gray.

2. If it is 50 degrees in Utah, people are wearing shorts and flip flops. If it is 50 degrees in California people are wearing coats and cute little matching hat/scarves/mittens sets (and they probably own more of them than the Utahans).

3. In Utah they will tell you on the news if it is a "red burn day" so that you know the air quality is too poor to exercise or spend much time outside. In California almost every day is a "red burn day" so they don't bother to say anything about it.

4. In Utah, Wal-mart is a nice place to shop. In California, it is infested with white-trash or strange looking people. I wouldn't recommend going there after dark.

5. In Utah, the LDS folk are busy packing their basements full of food storage. Californian LDS: what basement? And food storage doesn't seem as emphasized, it seems

6. In California it is unheard of to see a homeowner doing any sort of yard work or gardening (especially a female-- people freak out that I mow my own lawn). Many have hired latinos that do everyone's gardening. In Utah, almost everyone does there own gardening practically with the exception of hiring the neighbor boy to mow the grass. I have to say that those Latinos do a much better job at it than the Utahans.

7. Girls Camp in Utah consists of sleeping in a tent and cooking over a fire. Girls Camp in California from several stories I've heard, consists of sleeping in cabins or dorms or something and having catered food with an hour or two of "camp certification".

Friday, February 13, 2009

We're back

I was supposed to be in Utah for another week but I cut my trip short. There were tons of people that I didn't get to see since I cut my trip short, but poor little Kiera was very homesick and missed her daddy (and I missed him too). So, I crammed all my clinicals into 2 very rough weeks. I have to say that I am NOT an ER nurse, and I do NOT like working graveyards!!!
Kiera was not a fan of the snow once again and wouldn't touch the stuff.

Saturday, February 07, 2009


I know that there are many of you out there who are probably appalled that I would admit to shopping at DI, but I'm going to admit it nevertheless. In fact, I'm going to say that I love shopping at DI.

Shopping at DI is like a treasure hunt-- you have to dig through a ton of junk to find treasure, but the treasure is there. Successful shopping there is an acquired skill.

There are some people who make a living off of finding treasure at DI and selling it on Ebay. I think that this is wrong.

It is nice to get a cart full of treasure for $20 and know that I just spent $20 supporting a great cause (humanitarian aide and such).

Every time I come to Utah I go to DI. I figure I don't have to worry about being prideful if I shop at DI-- right?? My favorite things to buy are children's books and large toys (yes, I lysol them well).

Thursday, February 05, 2009

I love being a nurse.

After a nearly 4 year hiatus, I have stepped back into the hospital in the role of nurse. I was a bit nervous that I've lost my skills, but I'm happy to say that I was able to care for an ICU patient completely independently and confidently yesterday. At the end of my shift my patient's family members thanked me profusely for my help and told me I had made a huge difference for the patient. I love working as a nurse....I just love working as a mother more.

I think everyone should be a nurse. I'd like to think that I was the one who influenced my 2 younger siblings to go to nursing school, but I probably can't take all the credit. Nursing is a great field to work in. It is very rewarding to help people and the pay isn't too bad either (well, outside of Utah anyway). And, if I ever want to use it again I could work like twice a month or so. I love the flexibility. BE A NURSE.