Thursday, September 22, 2011

Steve's work

Steve is absolutely loving being a dentist.  And I'm loving being married to someone who only works 4 days a week and loves his job.  Steve worked in this dentist mobile for the past 2 days in the parking lot of the local schools.  We went to go visit him.

We frequently go visit Steve's work at lunch time.  We get into all sorts of things and have fun playing "dentist" in the chair.

Kiera recently started preschool (just a co-op we created with a few friends.  She is loving it and so am I. 

Kiera and Lydia have been working on earning bikes for a while now and finally earned them this week.  Kiera had to read 40 level 2 books, and Lydia had to endure 5 minutes of reading lessons 30 times (stickers for each time).  Kiera earned hers just 2 days before Lydia.  Lydia did about 5 reading lessons in 2 days once she saw Kiera on her bike.  They are loving the bikes.  I frequently find them in the garage doing circles around the car.  And I'm happy as can be that they are doing something besides playing with princesses.

Life is good in Macomb Illinois.


Lindy said...

Love it. I'm so glad to hear that Kiera is loving preschool. Shyness doesn't necessarily last forever, eh?

Christa said...

Sounds like a good life! I'm very happy for you guys. We're excited to see you soon!