Friday, May 27, 2011

Steve's important and MORE important awards

Today I attended an awards ceremony for Steve's dental school class.  There were quite a few awards given out for all sorts of different achievements (academics, skills, service, etc.).  Steve got an award from the California Maxiofacial Surgery something-or-other which included $250 which is always good.  Basically, that translates to the fact that he is great at pulling teeth. 
But as I sat through the long and boring ceremony and listened to the awards for hundreds of hours of this or that or perfect GPAs  I thought to myself that Steve did something far greater with his time than all of his classmates:  He was present as a husband and father in our home.  He didn't spend every waking hour studying or trying to make a more impressive resume.  He ate dinner with us every night, was there for bedtime prayers, stories, and singing.  He doesn't get something to hang on his wall, $, cheering from classmates, or to shake hands with someone important for this; but I want to recognize him now for it.
Steve,  we three Nelson girls appreciate the fact that you've been part of our lives for the past 4 years of dental school.  Thanks for prioritizing us over excelling to the max.  You are still an absolutely WONDERFUL dentist.  This is your Husband/Daddy  dentist of the year award.


Christa said...

Congrats, Steve! You are a great dad, and a super-fun uncle as well! I know Benjamin is looking forward to hanging out with you!

Gramps said...

Steve is Great. We like long as he's not pulling MY teeth.

Jinky said...

Great perspective ...way to go Steve!! ~Congratulations to you all ... just bummer that you had to move ... :(